Matric’s over, Now what?

What I had failed to see is that at the end of such a wonderful learning journey… was that even though I might want to be something and study towards that goal/dream job didn’t necessarily mean that I would get that job or even a job at all.

So fulfilling

This is probably the most fun I have had with Self Study, EVER. Not feeling overwhelmed for 1 second. From the first “chat” session, Petra was so helpful with getting me registered in time and helping with the application. She was very supportive throughout the process – seeing that I had a million questions. I am currently doing a short course on Business Law – the online classroom is very user friendly and the terms are thoroughly explained and easy to grasp. Although I received my books a few days late, it was still in time to get started with the online classroom. Will definitely be doing more courses through SACOB.

Interviews: Beyond the Checklist

First things first, this blog post is not about giving you a step by step instruction to acing an interview. There are a million and one textbook questions and answers out there that you can look over, this blog looks at the how you answer and not at the answer itself. You have gotten the interview because the company likes you on paper, now the company needs to ascertain if you are the right fit for the company as a person.

As always it is a pleasure dealing with SACOB

Good day. As always it is a pleasure dealing with SACOB. Petra handled my entry for online classroom study option for Snr. Bookkeeper: Cost and Management Accounting and was very competent and friendly. Keep it up and thank you!

Why do people NOT complete their online courses?

As with any course, completion rates play a big factor. If you are doing research into taking an online course this could be very important to you. Wouldnt you feel more comfortable with your studies if you knew why people drop-out so that you can avoid falling into the same trap? So why do people drop-out? What are the factors?

How not to feel alone in an OLC environment

There is a new trend in education developing around the world, Online Learning. Maybe you have heard of this before or maybe you have already enrolled for a online course. Maybe you have tried Distance Learning but you feel all alone within your fort of textbooks. So how does Online Learning differ from distance?