Use Winter to your Advantage

As the colder months roll in, the urge to venture out and socialise slowly dwindles away. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it frees up hours to catch up on tasks. In fact, when you’re completing your studies from home, winter is most likely the best season of the year.

Boost your Performance

Seeing as you’re going to spend more days indoors, seize the opportunity to use this time wisely.

We’ve put together five productive ideas you can take on that could ultimately influence your studying progress:

  • #1. Review Why not use this period to go over your notes from earlier in the year and see if you’ve missed anything important? Or, perhaps you can pick up a few new facts. As an added benefit, this declutters your current workspace to make way for fresh motivation and inspiration.
  • #2. Get a head start If your assignments have already been allocated; heat up the hot chocolate, jump the gun and take an early crack at them. Even if you’re just mapping the outlines, such as deciding on a topic or conducting a rough investigation, every little bit helps.
  • #3. Learn more If you’re not already working too hard, SACOB has several short courses available which you can take on as well. From credit management to customer relations, you have a wide spectrum of choices at your disposal, just waiting to be explored. You can even encourage a friend to sign up too, and use it as an excuse to host study groups and socialise with like-minded individuals.
  • #4. Further research Did you ever touch on a topic that sparked an interest? Consider diving deeper into it during this time. You can snuggle up on your couch and discover where it began, as well as whom or what it involved. Not only is this an excellent brain activity, but it could serve a purpose in your course.
  • #5. Job shadow There’s no better way to gain experience than to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. That’s exactly what job shadowing offers. It means spending a limited amount of time at a company, seeing what it takes to be employed there. This is also an excellent way to make contacts for full-time employment after college, helping you to gain valuable insight into your future career.

Step towards your future

With online learning at SACOB, not even winter can get you down. Education is always right at your fingertips and there isn’t a better reason to stay inside. Contact one of our course advisors today to enquire about our distance learning courses.