What Different Institutions Offer

You probably know that after high school there are many institutions that offer you the chance to further your studies, but you might not really know what all the types of institutions that are out there and what types of qualifications they offer and what those qualifications mean in the work environment.

Discussing The Gap Year

A gap year is a break taken typically between high school and college or university, it might include travelling, working or volunteering. Its much more than a relaxed break, its time for students to explore the world and gain valuable life skills and experience while trying to figure out which career suits you best or you fit into.

SACOB Online Study Tips

Online studying, as with completing any other kind of studies, opens a world of opportunities. In my blog I am going to highlight some areas that may help you with studying online and focusing on time management for your studies.

The Correlation between Sleep, Exercise, Diet and Exam Results

Have you ever felt extremely tired during exam periods, outside the fact that you could be working 8-5 or raising a family? Other lifestyle factors could affect you which could be due to a lack of sleep, bad diet and lack of exercise, so here are some tips on how to counter this…

SACOB’s Top 10 ICB Achievers

The South African College of Business (SACOB) is proud to announce that three students were placed within the Top 10 Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) Achievers.

Comments on National Scarce Skills List Top 100 Occupations in Demand

This document provides a list of the top 100 occupations in the country that are considered to be in short supply, accompanied by an explanation of the methods and processes followed in compiling the list. The purpose of the list is to inform, inter alia: human resource planning and development; resource allocation and prioritisation; the development of relevant qualifications, programmes and curricula; and international recruitment strategies.

What is Project Isizwe?

Project Isizwe is a non-profit organisation created to bring the internet to South Africans, by smoothing the growth of the process of Free Wi-Fi for communal spaces in low income communities.

Tips for tackling an online course

So you have heard about this thing called an online course or maybe you have even enrolled in one but you have no idea the best way to tackle it. You dont know what steps you should take before starting your course or what techniques you should use during your course. We have put together an outline of how to tackle an online course in this blog post.