SACOB benefits

Some extra reasons why you should be studying with us!

11 Benefits of Studying with SACOB


  • Accredited Qualifications

    We make sure we have all our ducks in a row – accreditation is key! A few examples: Department of Higher Education and Training, Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, Chartered Secretaries, Pastel etc. For the full list be sure to click on the Accreditations link under the ‘About Us’ tab above.

  • No SACOB Registration Fee

    Many providers charge you an additional registration fee but with us what you see is what you get, no additional fees.

  • Delivery is on us

    We deliver for free to anywhere in South Africa. Not based in SA? Not to worry, you can still study with us and we will find you the most affordable courier rate or alternately you are welcome to use your own local courier to collect from us.

  • Material Included

    We want to be your one stop shop and therefore try our best to provide all the prescribed study material needed for your course.

  • SACOB Online Classroom

    This is SACOB’s online learning resource, where your resources are provided in an online classroom. You will have access to the following:

    • Study Notes
    • Concept Videos
    • Practice Quizzes
    • Assignment upload, marking and feedback
    • Digital Community through Forums and Live Chats with your lecturer and peers
    • Additional Online Resources

  • Get The Results

    SACOB students have consistently ranked top 10 in the ICB distance learning assessments. With the help of SACOB’s Study Resources, these students have achieved top places in these assessments. This is a great testament to the quality of support that we provide our students.

  • All the Support – Access to the Student Question & Answer Platform

    The Student Question & Answer Platform is the student’s portal to their Lecturers. If the Student has a query on any part of their coursework they can access the Questions and Answer Platform, where they can view all previously asked and lecturer-answered questions, and if the particular question that you want to ask is not present then you can open a new question, to be answered by a lecturer in a convenient 24 hour response time. The Student Question & Answer Platform will either generate the answer or the Lecturer will be notified of the query.

  • Be Social – 24/7 Student Chat

    As a SACOB student you have access to the forum in the Online Classroom where you can post a comment about a particular topic and chat to your fellow classmates. You are also able to direct message your classmates and your lecturer.

  • Career Guidance Councillor

    Often the most important step in your career is the right choice upfront. SACOB believes that the best advice is objective advice received from someone in the know. Contact your Student Career Guidance Counsellor –

  • As Good as the Classroom – Same Day Lecturer Response

    You have the facility to message your lecturer and receive a response to your query within 24 hours! This is a great benefit to those that cannot do on-campus learning as you will still be able to get legitimate feedback from your lecturer on points that you are not so sure about.

  • Never Alone – Dedicated Course Advisor

    You have access to a SACOB course advisor, who will help you with all course related admin, as well as facilitate any questions you may have to be answered promptly and effectively. Feel free to contact them anytime you are feeling a little lost with your studies or enrolling for exams or submitting assessments. They are always glad to help you.

  • No Interest Charged

    We don’t charge Interest