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    Terms and Conditions

    SACOB’s Admissions Desk incorporates the SACOB Student Entrance Admissions and Conduct Procedure as well as the Policies and Procedures of our accrediting bodies. Admissions is concerned with age, prior and accredited learning and previous work experience. The admissions desk deals with quality management, student fees, student admissions criteria, assessment procedures, privacy, security and terms of use.

    A learnership is a work-based approach to learning and gaining qualifications for permanent and contract staff and includes both structured work experience (practical) and structured institutional learning (theory).

    Various funding options and tax benefits are available for Learnerships in the form of tax rebates and SETA grants.

    Thus for the AT(SA), ICB, CIMA Certificate and CGISA qualifications employers may claim an amount on commencement and again on completion of the learner per year that they progress through the learnership. In respect of a learner who holds a qualification equal to NQF level 1-6, the employer qualifies for an annual and completion allowance of R40 000, and in respect of a learner who holds a qualification equal to NQF level 7-10, the employer qualifies for an annual and completion allowance of R20 000.

    The latest tax deduction (to be claimed from SARS as per the Income Tax Act 2009):

    Learner Allowance (No Disability) Learner (With Disability) Allowance
    NQF Level of Learner Commencement Completion Commencement Completion
    1 – 6 R 40,000 R 40,000 R 60,000 R 60,000
    7-10 R 20,000 R 20,000 R 50,000 R 50,000
    Total R 60,000 R 60,000 R 110,000 R 110,000
    Grand Total       R120,000       R 220,000
    These learnership allowances are for any of the NQF level 1 to 10 qualifications

    SACOB is a tuition (theory) provider for a number of learnerships and provides end-to-end learnership support to ensure the learnerships programmes are successfully completed.

    The learnerships are from the following professional bodies:

    Thinking of enrolling some of your staff on learnerships? Let SACOB assist you in the learnership processes to:

    • Obtain workplace accreditation, where required, for your organisation with the professional bodies
    • Register the learnerships with your SETA and FASSET
    • Register your employees with the professional body
    • Induct, train, mentor and coach your employees on the learnership programme
    • Prepare and register the employees for the assessments
    • Assist to ensure correct and timeous completion of all learnership portfolios of evidence
    • Assist and support the workplace mentors with the practical components
    • Submit monthly reports to management on learners’ performance and progress in their respective learning programme

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