5 methods to pay your online course fees



At SACOB the South African College of Business, we understand how costly and expensive life is, so we want to come up with a personalized payment plan just for you. One that best caters to the position you find yourself currently in. These are some of the payment options available to you when you enrol with us.

Follow this guide to better help you understand the various payment options we offer. We offer Interest free payment plans for our monthly debit orders, meaning the payments do not increase over time, they remain the same as when you started the plan.

The 5 methods to pay your online course fees:

  1. Debit or Credit Card
  2. EFT/ Bank Deposit
  3. Debit Order
  4. 3rd Party
  5. Your Company or Boss



Debit or Credit Card

Pay directly on our website, there is even an extra saving when you choose this option during promotional periods – this is quick, easy and instant. By far the fastest most efficient option. Saves you time and money and is secure. Click here to learn about the savings.



EFT/ Bank Deposit

Pay directly from your bank account into ours, either via your Online Banking App, Online or by going in to your bank.

An invoice will be emailed to you with our banking details when completing an order. You can then make a direct payment from your bank to ours.




Debit Order

You can choose to pay a 50% deposit and the rest off monthly, interest free. All you need to do is chat to your course advisor regarding this option and they’ll give you all the info and forms.

An invoice will be emailed to you and a course advisor will be in touch regarding your debit order forms.

A 50% deposit is required with the balance paid off over a certain number of months. We unfortunately do not allow for you to pay your studies off monthly via EFT, should you need to pay your studies off you will be required to sign a debit order form. With the 50% deposit your study materials are ordered.

For example:

  • Debit Order: 50% Deposit (R1275) to be paid on the registration and the balance can be paid off over 3 months (R425 per month for 3 months)


3rd Party

If you have someone who is wanting to pay for your studies like your mom, dad or a relative etc. They can either log in and pay on our website or they can choose to pay via EFT or Debit Order on your behalf.



Your Company or Boss

Many companies will happily pay for training their staff members for the financial and tax benefits, so don’t be afraid to chat to your HR manager or employer. You can read up more by following this link . We will also sort out all the necessary paperwork.

Having the above options makes it that much easier to start your studies.


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