We’re here to make you a success

  Do you feel stuck because you didn’t meet the requirements to get into university? Are your matric results getting you down? Or are you just looking to study while you’re on your gap year? SACOB.com is an accredited business college with many courses available to you. You can still make a success out of …

December SACOB News

SACOB News What SACOB got up to this year What’s coming next year Register this year, thrive next year! Don’t miss out – Our Holiday Gift to you!   December, the final month of 2018 is here.  It’s time to reflect on the year that was and look to a new and exciting year ahead. …

Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

  October, the month we associate with the colour pink. Why? Because it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. This year SACOB will be doing its part in supporting the cause by helping to raise funds towards the education and awareness of breast cancer. And you will be doing your part too, just by enrolling with SACOB. …

Payment Options – Invest in Yourself

Our purpose is to deliver employable people into South African businesses, and what better time to invest in yourself than the present. With the end of the year looming and festivities kicking off, we realise that you may be struggling to find the funds. Luckily we have some great funding options and benefits available to help you out.

FAQ’s – You Asked, We Answered

Who is SACOB?
We are an African business school offering a high touch learning experience to students, business and ultimately to the broader African community. Our goal is to offer an end-to-end learning experience that delivers quality people into the African economy. What makes our offering distinct is that we overcome the challenges of distance learning by combining the interactivity and connection of face-to-face education with the flexibility and cost-saving of distance education.

Choosing the right path of study – the SACOB way

So youve just decided to start studying and you are searching for the ideal institution to attend that will provide you with a study route into your dream career, or maybe you are already employed and youre looking to attain qualifications to back up your work experience – well, look no further.

How to Excel with Distance Learning

As SACOB is an online learning institution, students are capable of studying from anywhere in South Africa. That being said, it does require a large amount of diligence and dedication to learn from home without the guidance of a physical classroom.

Are Private Learning Institutions more expensive than Public Learning Institutions?

“Are Private Learning Institutions more expensive than Public Learning Institutions?” It’s always a mission to find a suitable institution for your studies, isn’t it? Well after you have read the below article, you should be able to tell which option is best for you. Students are usually looking for quality and a reputable brand that …

Face to Face Learning vs Online Distance Learning

Face to Face and Distance learning both have their own pros and cons, the differentiation between the two of them comes in when asking what is actually distance and face to face learning? There are so many aspects to both of these but simply put, Face to Face learning is where you attend on campus classes on a daily basis and have your lectures at specific times and days and distance learning is where you complete your studies at your own pace and time.