SACOB’s Admissions Desk incorporates the SACOB Student Entrance Admissions and Conduct Procedure as well as the Policies and Procedures of our accrediting bodies. Admissions is concerned with age, prior and accredited learning and previous work experience. The admissions desk deals with quality management, student fees, student admissions criteria, assessment procedures, privacy, security and terms of use.

For more info on Recognition of Prior Learning RPL or a guide on how to apply for RPL or RPL application forms, click here.

  • Admissions Policy and Procedure

    SACOB supports the admissions guidelines on the South African Qualifications Framework (SAQA) and the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). We are accredited by numerous Quality Assurance bodies and Institutions both Nationally and Internationally. Aside from SACOB’s own Student Entrance Admissions and Conduct Procedure these Institutions all have their Policies and Procedures.

  • Student Fees

    • SACOB’s fees are straightforward with no hidden costs.

    • They include all your study material as well as free delivery within South Africa.

    • Students pay for a full learning programme / qualification or a short course with either the Home Study Package or the Online Classroom Package.

    • Plus, SACOB is an educational institution which is exempt from VAT so there are no additional costs when you get your final invoice – what you see listed as our tuition fee is exactly what you pay. All you need to still do (or have us do it for you) is complete the Professional Body registration form and pay the exam/assessment fees.

    • If you would prefer, SACOB will complete all forms and submit on your behalf, all you need to do is pay the necessary fees such as membership fees, annual fees, exam fees, exemption fees to us and we will transfer it across for you or if you’d prefer you can pay it directly to the Institute. Either way, we here every step of the way.

  • Payment Methods

    We have 3 easy ways to pay for your studies:

    • EFT

    • Credit Card

    • Monthly via Debit Order

    Take a look at your options…

    EFT Example: Receive 2.5% off when paying for your fees upfront via EFT

    Credit Card Example: Quick and easy, pay your fees upfront on our site

    Debit Order Example:

    When buying one course at a time you will need to pay a 50% deposit and the balance over three months, however should you enrol for a qualification you will only need to pay a 20% deposit and the balance over 3 – 24 months.

    The Payment period is worked out on the number of courses you enrol for multiplied by 3 months.

    *Interest Free – SACOB Students pay no interest

    Something to note: You will receive your next set of course material every 3 months. If you wanting to complete your qualification sooner then chat to us about a payment plan that would suit you.

    Additional subsidies apply when enrolling for qualifications, this makes walking away with a full qualification more affordable.

    Chat to us about your own personalised payment plan that can suit you, we’re here to help.

  • Smartfunder

    At SACOB we are aware that many people want to further their studies, but funding can be a great challenge. We care about making education as affordable as possible, so we have partnered with SmartFunder to offer a monthly payment option.

    Please contact us for more information or call Smartfunder directly on 0860 55 55 44, or visit their website at

  • Admissions Criteria

    Aside from our own admissions criteria all affiliate institutions have their own set of admissions criteria specific to their learning programmes and short courses under their scope. Please visit the Institution, learning programmes and short courses pages for more information on the applicable admission criteria.

  • Student Records

    SACOB views the protection of student records as paramount. We store all your information on our OLC.

  • Terms and Conditions

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