How to see the Fees of the Courses

Many people ask how to see the Fees,Prices and Costs on our website, so here’s a quick guide on how to see all of the fees for all of our Courses. Please note that these are tuition fees in total , payment methods are finalised with your course advisor, where studies can be paid off monthly via debit order or installments, so you can pay off your study fees at affordable rates.

How much does it cost to study the course in which you are interested in?

How to make payment:

  • Online via our website – this is the quickest and easiest way and receive a discount for paying online.
  • EFT ( Once-off Payment)
  • Debit Order Payment Plan: 50% Deposit to be paid directly after ordering
    The remaining amount can be paid off monthly over 3,6,9,12 up to 14 months depending on the payment plan your advisor makes for you. Interest free

Banking details can be found on your invoice that will be automatically sent to you when check out and buy from this website

These are the total fees,cost and price for the course of your choice. Please follow the steps below to see the Fees,cost and price of your selected Course. This includes exam booking fees, tuition fees, certificate fees  and administration fees. All our SACOB study material is delivered free of charge within South Africa!

All fees for everything we offer will become available to you when you log in.

How to see the fees of your course.

Follow the steps below to see the fees for your course:


1 Visit this page and register on our website by filling out this form. Click here to go to the page.

2 Navigate to your Course of Interest.


3 Select your Study package and Starting date and the prices will appear.

The Start Date is : When the course starts with SACOB.COM as your tuition provider

The price is the total cost of the course with NO HIDDEN FEES with exception of refund processing fee.


Some terms to consider regarding fees:

“Fees” means the fees, charges, or purchase consideration that Student will pay to SACOB in respect of Goods and Services provided by SACOB under Orders. Despite SACOB’s best efforts, the stated Fees may be incorrect. SACOB will confirm the Fees for any Goods or Services when SACOB accepts the Student’s offer. Fees include study material as well as free delivery within South Africa. Student will pay SACOB the Fees. SACOB will invoice the applicable Fees in advance, starting from the Effective Date. SACOB may change the Fees and payment terms upon 30-calendar days prior written notice to Student.Registration & Exam Fees are subject to change without any prior notice.