ICB Financial Accounting – Upper Intermediate Level

This qualification is the third level in the ICB Financial Accounting Programme. The Technical Financial Accountant can perform the functions of an Accounting and Tax Technician. The programme includes a study of income tax, capital gains tax, donations tax and estate duty, liquidation and executors accounts, business and contract law, economics, personal finance and auditing.

This study option includes:

ICB Income Tax Returns

ICB Business Law and Accounting Control

ICB Annual Registration Fee

Exam Booking Subject 1

Exam Booking Subject 2

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This qualification provides you with the necessary skills required to continue your journey towards becoming a financial accountant, on its own it provides with an understanding and knowledge to perform advanced bookkeeping tasks at a managerial level.


Institute of Certified Bookkeepers as a Quality Assurance Partner of the QCTO.


NQF L5 (SAQA ID 36213) National Diploma: Technical Financial Accountant


CTFAIcb (SA) - Certified Technical Financial Accountant


Successful completion of Intermediate Level ICB Financial Accounting


6-9 months


ICB Income Tax Returns

ICB Business Law and Accounting Control


Home Study

SACOB Online Classroom



Portfolio of Evidence, including assignments and tests. 60% to pass

Final ICB Exam

What's next

You are now eligible to further your studies with SACOB and ICB and can enroll in the ICB Financial Accounting - Advanced Level