SACOB’s Top 10 ICB Achievers

The South African College of Business (SACOB) is proud to announce that three students were placed within the Top 10 Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) Achievers.

SACOB Principal, Stacey Henn, said: “This is an outstanding achievement as students are required to achieve over 97% for their assessments. This is the 6th time in a row that SACOB students have placed within the ICB Top 10.”

One of these top acheivers, Christo Strydom, who is in the process of completing his National Diploma: Financial Accounting, said: “At first glance distance learning seemed difficult to me, as you do not sit in a class with a teacher or lecturer to explain and teach you the syllabus.

However, I used SACOB distance learning to complete my National Diploma: Financial Accountant NQF6 (ICB), and what had seemed like a difficult task, was made much lighter with the support and great service provided by SACOB.

“I am very proud of my results and I think they speak for themselves. I managed to achieved 99% for Financial Reporting and Regulatory Frameworks during the November 2013 examinations, and 99% for Management Accounting and Control Systems during the May 2013 examinations,” he said. “I am delighted.”

According to Henn a traditional barrier for students considering distance studying is that students feel they need the lectures, support, interaction and feedback face-to-face learning provides. “We agree these are important and that is why the SACOB model was developed to give students access to all the important face-to-face benefits, with the flexability and cost savings of distance learning,” she said. “These excellent results prove that SACOB offers the best-of-both, and enables our students to be top acheivers.

“We are very proud of all of our students but these three need a special mention for this wonderful acheivement,” Henn said.