ACCA FIA Diploma in Accounting and Business


This is the third programme which falls under the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA’s) new Foundations in Accountancy series. This programme is perfect for anyone looking to gain knowledge and understanding in the accounting and finance field. Completing this programme allows you to continue climbing that corporate ladder and become a trainee accountant in a commercial organisation or accounting practice.

Please ensure you have read and meet the entry requirements before completing your enrollment

This study option includes:

ACCA FIA FBT - Business and Technology

ACCA FIA FFA - Financial Accounting

ACCA FIA FMA - Management Accounting

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The Foundation level is the best preparation for the ACCA Qualification if you don?t have any other qualifications or experience. Complete the diploma and you can be automatically transferred onto the ACCA Qualification, free of charge, and given exemptions from the first three exams.

Please note regarding ACCA and the OLC. Click here for all the details.


Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)


FAB,FMA,FFA, RQF Level 4 ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business


A junior accounts or cost clerk/junior bookkeeper role in an small or medium-sized enterprise. A range of junior or cost accounting administration roles within an accounting department of a larger organisation or financial shared service centre.


Grade 10

FIP, Completion of Foundations in Professionalism Short course


Up to 12 months, depending on student commitment.


ACCA FIA FAB - Accounting in Business

ACCA FIA FFA - Financial Accounting

ACCA FIA FMA - Management Accounting


Online Premium:
- Textbooks
- Introduction Video
- Exam Info
- Q & A Platform
- Concept Videos
- Forums
- Exam Timetable
- Study Schedule
- Multiple Mock Exams & Solutions
- LIVE Webinars via Zoom
- Recording of the LIVE Webinars
- Quizzes
- Exam Walkthrough (Pre-recorded)


3 ACCA FIA Examinations, 1 per subject.

What's next

You are now eligible to further your studies with SACOB and ACCA and are now eligible to study the full ACCA Qualification with the ACCA and gain practical experience in the workplace that will qualify you to study for the fully accredited degree in Accounting with ACCA


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