The SACOB experience has been so amazing for me

I would just like to say a warm Thank you to all of you for being there for me, the SACOB experience has been so amazing for me.


I also received a package yesterday (as we moved offices) and I was overwhelmed that it was a gift from you guys for scoring 98% in one of my modules… 


Needless to say you all have made me feel part of the SACOB family and I’m just glad to be part of it.


Thank you so so much for the wonderful gift and the whole experience – The day I stop referring SACOB to others, will be the day I die :)


I already have been referring you guys to people I write my exams with because you guys are just AWESOME !


So thank you all for everything – you have made studying a pleasurable task and I just want you to know that I really appreciate you all :)


Thank you so much