The online classroom is amazing!

Really, I will never cease to praise SACOB. The online classroom was very amazing,excellent and very easy to use. I experienced something amazing with SACOB. All things went well. I appreciate the forum, because I was receiving some request from students who needed help and tried to solve their problems. In the same time they were also helping me. Concerning the assessment like Formative Evaluation 1 & 2 went well. I’m happy because the lecturer showed me few mistakes and told me how to correct the mistakes in future. The preparation of the exam was very amazing. I had time to ask questions to the lecturer and he answered all my questions. In fact they gave us a good preparation of the exam online. They were taking care of us really. They were making sure that everything was ok with us. And the service was quick and they did not complain. They were kind to us,cheerful and helpful. SACOB has become like a family. The environment was warm.That why it’s difficult for me to go to another college or institution. Bravo!