SACOB SC Management Accounting

This course is designed for finance and accounting professionals looking to refresh their knowledge and gain specific skills in the field of cost and management accounting. It’s also aimed at managers who want to improve their ability to make sound decisions based on financial insights, and business owners and entrepreneurs who need knowledge of costing techniques and systems.

SACOB Short Courses are not accredited and are intended to offer you knowledge and skills in a particular field and is a non-credit bearing short course.


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It is imperative for business owners, business managers, financial managers, cost accountants and any other parties involved in the running of a business to understand the different methods of costing products. This course provides practical and concise guidance to the basic concepts and principles of cost accounting, which will ensure that a business achieves optimum profits.

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This is a SACOB Short Learning Programme or Short Course.


An introduction to cost accounting
Controlling inventory and overhead costs
Accounting for a manufacturing enterprise
Budgeting and standard costing
Job costing


Certificate of Completion of a SACOB Cost Accounting Short Course.


This Short course can qualify you an advantage in studying in the field of Accounting, and can make you eligible to take on more bookkeeping responsibilities in your current position.


This course is suited for anyone who is wanting to gain knowledge and understanding within the field. There are no specific entrance requirements.


10 weeks


Online Standard:

- Textbooks
- Introduction Video
- Q & A Platform
- Concept Videos
- Forums


Self-assessment quizzes
Timed Quiz 1
Written assignment
Timed Quiz 2

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You are now eligible to further your studies and sharpen your skills with more short courses or take it a level up and go for a professional body certification to build onto these vital skills.

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