ICB Financial Accounting - Upper Intermediate Level


At SACOB, we offer the Upper Intermediate Level in the ICB Financial Accounting Programme. This is an ideal qualification for those looking to enter the fields of Bookkeeping, Management Accounting or Tax Management. Students get the optimal push-start towards their dream careers as they work through the various courses.

Programme Information

In order to register for this programme you will be required to successfully complete both the Foundation and the Intermediate levels. The programme is quite flexible, allowing you to attain each certification at your own pace. What’s more, it comprises various courses, including:

  • Income Tax Returns
  • Business Law and Accounting Control

This SACOB programme is accredited by the QCTO, and assessed by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB). To finish this qualification, students need to complete a portfolio of evidence as well as the final examination. A National Diploma: Technical Financial Accounting (NQF L5) is awarded upon graduation.

Study Pack Options

We offer this course with your choice of study packages, namely:

  • Home Study – This option includes your textbooks, and study guides, as well as dedicated lecturer support. Whether you prefer to communicate via Email or the telephone, we’ll stay in touch with you and make sure you get the help you need. You’ll also have full access to the Student Question and Answer Platform.
  • Online Classroom – In addition to all the elements of the Home Study package, this gives you access to the SACOB Online Classroom. It also provides study plans, lecturer videos and quizzes, as well as assessment downloads and uploads.
  • Blended Learning - This option builds on the previous study packages however you have the option to attend Saturday classes. Courses are 8 weeks long which means you can be exam ready in under 2 months and includes additional worksheets and activities to ensure that you know you stuff. Finally this option includes your ICB Registration and Exam fees so no need to pay any additional fees.

SACOB ensures that our learners are equipped for their studies, regardless of where they live. That’s why we provide comprehensive material and a thorough learning experience in the field of Technical Financial Accounting.

Contact us now to enrol for this learning programme or any of the other ICB programmes, via the on screen chat box.

  • Accreditation

    Institute of Certified Bookkeepers as a Quality Assurance Partner of the QCTO.

  • Qualification

    NQF L5 (SAQA ID 36213) - National Diploma: Technical Financial Accountant

  • Designation

    CTFAIcb (SA) - Certified Technical Financial Accountant 

  • Entrance requirement

    Successful completion of both the Foundation or the Intermediate Level.

  • Duration

    This programme can be completed in 6 months. (3 months per course avg.)

  • Starting Dates

    Online Classroom Starting Dates:

    12 February 2018
    16 April 2018
    18 June 2018

    20 August 2018
    29 October 2018


    Blended Learning Starting Date:


    Cape Town

    22 September 2018

    15 September 2018

    * These dates are for the Online Classroom and the Blended Learning (evening classes) options, students who wish to enroll for the Home Study option have no particular starting date.

  • Courses

    1.   ICB Income Tax Returns

    2.   ICB Business Law and Accounting Control 

  • Assessment

    Each course is assessed by the ICB by means of a Portfolio of Evidence where you are required to complete Activities (assignments) and Evaluations (tests) and then complete a final summative assessment (exam) written at an ICB assessment centre. Please be sure to register for your assessment.

  • Award

    This programme is a national qualification. At the end of this course you will be awarded a National Diploma by FASSET. 

  • Study Package Options

    Home Study

    The Home Study Package offers:

    • Textbooks
    • Study guides
    • Lecturer Support - via Email, Phone and access to the Student Question & Answer Platform

    Online Classroom

    The Online Classroom Package builds on the Home Study Package and provides you with the digital resources that may be available for your course as well as giving you access to the SACOB Online Classroom. The Online Classroom Package offers:

    • Video Kit
    • Study maps
    • Study plans
    • Lecturer/Concept videos
    • Quizzes
    • Assessment downloads and uploads
    • SACOB Student Forum

    Blended Learning

    Once again the Blended Learning option builds on the previous packages and provides you everything listed above with a few much needed benefits. The Blended Learning Package offers:

    • Face-to-face lecturer support via the contact sessions, Saturday mornings
    • 8 week exam ready programme
    • Additional worksheets and activities
    • ICB Registration fee included
    • ICB exam fee included for one exam


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SACOB really made it very easy for me! I am a mother of 2 young children and I have a full-time job. So finding time to study towards ICB National Diploma in Financial Accounting is very limited, but everyone at SACOB has always been very understanding and supportive! I am very glad I found them and do not regret studying with SACOB for a moment!!! Thank you all!... read more

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