Ten steps to help you ace an interview

Ten steps to help you ace an interview

While a sound education can help open doors for graduates, this is only half the battle in obtaining employment. The South African College of Business (SACOB) recognises the importance of interview skills in landing a job.

Says college principal, Stacey Henn, “Today’s generation is online 24/7, so we feel that creating a series of short infographics on a variety of study and business-related topics and sharing them on our dedicated YouTube channel is the best way to communicate to these youngsters.”

Accessible advice

SACOB’s latest offering clearly and succinctly outlines interview ‘dos and don’ts’ for learners heading out into the workplace for the first time. It covers the basics such as the importance of having a unique and professional resumé, encourages the applicant to research the prospective company, and stresses the importance of ensuring that their personal online presence is squeaky-clean.

Along with the more business-focused advice, the clip also offers practical tips such as what to wear, ways to relax, and techniques to improve your performance. In just over two minutes, the ‘newbie’ interviewee will have a gold mine of useful information at their fingertips.

The infographic can be viewed here:

10 Pointers For an Interview