When chatting to colleagues and friends in different industries there’s one thing that keeps coming up…times are tough. Things are becoming more and more expensive. We now pay more but receive less on many fronts.

During these times our first instinct is to cut back, to save, to rework and rethink our budget. And how do you determined what to spend your money on when times are tough? You weigh up your Wants vs Needs. ‘Wants’ are the first to get the boot and rightly so.

But where does your Education sit?

If you ask us, it should be at the top of the necessity list.

We are an educational institution though, we believe strongly in education, we believe in the power that education has and the change that education can bring, so we are biased to a point. And as with many things, we know it’s easier said than done. Putting your education first means bumping other needs further down the list.

Education leads to sacrifices. Sacrifices leads to opportunities. Opportunities leads to success.

Without making sacrifices be it financially or with your time, it will be more difficult to break the mold. By putting your education at the forefront of many of your decisions means success in the long run. Education is the key that opens many doors. It opens the door to job opportunities, to travel opportunities. To opportunities where you can better yourself all round.

Having that piece of paper that tells the world that you have the theoretical and practical knowledge that creates opportunities.

It’s often more affordable in the long run to enroll for a full qualification at once as there are qualification discounts and savings to be had. But you also don’t need tens of thousands of rands to start studying. You can start with one subject at a time, just so long as you make that start.

It’s often more difficult to start than to continue. Once you enroll for your first course and you start seeing the results and the benefits, it’s easier to continue.

Many institutions, like SACOB allow for different payment methods too. You have the choice of paying your fees up front where you receive further savings or to pay your studies off monthly with a personalised payment plan catered to your budget.

The point is that there are many ways to put your education at the top of your necessity list.

Make sacrifices but never sacrifice your Education.