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October, Breast Cancer Awareness month

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The start of October means we are in the last quarter of the year, can you believe it? Time certainly flies when you having fun…or working hard…or studying…or just simply living your best life. It’s often this time of the year where we start dreaming and planning our December holidays…but, the year’s not over yet. You still have a 3 months to make the most of 2018. ☺


Did you know?

2019 Enrolments Are Open!

With only 3 months left of 2018, before the silly season is upon us and our holiday brains kick in, it’s time to give a little thought to 2019.

With a new year creeping up on us, it’s best to make the most of 2018 and enrol now for 2019.


  • The sooner you start investing in your studies, the sooner you increase your chances of making your dreams come true
  • Increasing your employability status and climbing that corporate ladder sooner rather than later
  • Get your name first on the list – avoid the new year rush and possibly limiting your enrolment options by securing your place today
  • Beat the fee increase – January is a tough month for everyone, start paying off your studies this year to help make next year more affordable
  • Depending when you plan on sitting exams in 2019 you can receive your material this year still or be the first to receive updated material in Jan 2019

“There is no better day than today to get started on achieving your goals. Wouldn’t you want to invest in your future now, knowing that it will pay off in the long run? Register this year, thrive next year!” – Robin Bryan, SACOB’s Head Course Advisor


SACOB offers Group and Employee Training

This form of training is becoming more and more popular amongst employers and companies. Many employers want to invest in their employees, they see the benefit of having highly skilled staff working for them and it benefits the employee too as the more skills you can add to your CV the more employable you are.

With competency and efficiency becoming key factors for employers, wouldn’t you want to work with a group towards obtaining this shared goal and become indispensable to your organisation?

Whether you work for a company looking to train a few staff members at a time or have a group of friends that all want to upskill themselves, chat to us about face to face classes or online classes. We’ll work according to your needs and requirements.


It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month.

This year SACOB will be doing its part in supporting the cause by helping to raise funds towards awareness and treatment. And you will be doing your part too, just by enrolling with SACOB.

For EVERY* enrolment taking place from the 24th – 31st October SACOB will be donating R50 towards the Pink Drive.

An official email will be sent out on the 24th October so get ready to enrol.

*Any enrolment, be it enrolling now for this year or enrolling now for studies starting in 2019


How to get in touch with us?

We have made chatting to us that much easier. Choose which way of communicating suits you best, either way, we will be in touch within minutes.

Landline 021 701 5407

Cell 063 043 2674

Whatsapp 063 043 2674

Email info@sacob.com


Pssst…if you missed the email regarding the CSSA – Chartered Secretary Southern Africa 2019 curriculum  change, you can click here to read up about all the changes and how it might impact you if you are currently studying or considering enrolling for the Chartered Secretary Qualification.