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  • Register this year, thrive next year!
  • The SACOB Student
  • Looking back and Looking Ahead
  • Black Friday…it’s coming

Register this year, thrive next year!

It’s student nature to only enrol in January each year. A new year brings a new start so it makes sense to enrol then, right? We’re also currently heading into survival mode, where we’re just trying to make it to the end of the year so we can put our feet up and relax. That is if you’re lucky enough to be off in December. So the general mindset is… why enrol now when you can do so in January (with everyone else), right?

SACOB’s message to all its current and prospective students is just the opposite. We say, “register this year, and thrive next year,”. Why not get ahead of the new year rush and panic that comes with possibly missing the cut off dates, and register this year still? This way you also miss the fee increase that the new year brings so it’s a win win.

The SACOB Student

Tracey, a 42-year-old, married mom of 2, working full time in an accounts role. Started working soon after matric and didn’t have the opportunity to study further…until now with SACOB. Studying and achieving great results in her first 2 qualifications means she now has something to put on her CV. The good news is, she’s already been offered a new and exciting job opportunity.

Henrietta started studying with SACOB at the age of 19, with no work experience. Completing her Tourism and Hospitality Level 3 Qualification opened many doors for her and she is now working on a very prestigious luxury cruise liner.

Carmen, a 30-year-old, running her own small business needed a better understanding on how to market herself and her business. Enrolling for a few SACOB Short Courses in Entrepreneurship, Marketing as well as Customer Service has seen her business go from strength to strength.

Themba, a 35-year-old male with a qualification in the Technology field had been working for many years in a governance role. Although he had a qualification, it wasn’t in the relevant field which affected his opportunities to grow within the governance role. Enrolling for the Chartered Secretary Qualification with SACOB, saw him achieve a salary that warranted the work he was doing.

Priya was 22-years-old and unemployed. She enrolled for a Business Administration qualification with SACOB and has since been employed. What’s even better is that she has worked at having the company pay for her remaining studies, as well as a few other staff members too. Go Priya!

These are just a few of our students, all with very different backgrounds. Some younger, some older, some employed and some unemployed. Some could pay for their studies themselves, others received funding from their employers or parents or by means of a student loan. Although all come from different walks of life, the end goal is the same – upskilling and empowering themselves, bettering themselves and ensuring a life and future that they have dreamt of.

Constantly learning and working towards your qualification gives you not only a sense of pride and that piece of paper behind your name saying you have the specialized knowledge and know how within that certain field, it also sets you apart from everyone else by teaching you additional skills that many others might not have such as…

Looking back…

October was a month that saw…
Our Chartered Secretary students sat their final exams for the year. Now we cross our fingers and our toes while we wait for those results. We are just as excited as our students who sat the exams.
It saw our ICB students celebrating when receiving exam results – SACOB students do it again! It’s moments like those that make us smile. Ready for your next course? ☺

Looking ahead….

Black Friday…it’s coming!
Stay tuned for a bigger than ever SACOB Black Friday! A mailer will be making its way to your inbox within the next couple of days so be ready and waiting.