Payment Options – Invest in Yourself

Our purpose is to deliver employable people into South African businesses, and what better time to invest in yourself than the present. With the end of the year looming and festivities kicking off, we realise that you may be struggling to find the funds. Luckily we have some great funding options and benefits available to help you out.

Benefits of studying with SACOB:

  • SACOB’s fees are straightforward with no hidden costs. 
  • They include all your study material as well as free delivery within South Africa
  • SACOB is an educational institution which is exempt from VAT so there are no additional costs when you get your final invoice – what you see listed is what you pay. All you need to still do is complete the Professional Body registration form and pay the exam/assessment fees.

Payment options:

We have 3 easy ways to pay for your studies:

  • EFT 
  • Credit card 
  • Monthly via debit order

Enrol for a full programme and make use of some great savings!

EFT Example

Programme Subjects Full Price Once Off Price Savings
ICB Financial Accounting – Foundation 4 R11 800.00 R10 100.00 R1 700.00

Credit card example: Quick and easy, pay your fees upfront on our site:

Programme Subjects Full Price Once Off Price Savings
ICB Financial Accounting – Foundation 4 R11 800.00 R10 100.00 R1 700.00

Debit order example:

Programme Subjects Full Price Payment Plan Price Savings 50% Deposit Debit Order
ICB Financial Accounting – Foundation 4 R11 800.00 R11 100.00 R700.00 R5 550.00 R462.50 x 12 Months

When buying one course at a time you will need to pay a 50% deposit and the balance over three months, however should you enrol for a qualification you will only need to pay a 20% deposit and the balance over 3 – 24 months. The Payment period is worked out on the number of courses you enrol for multiplied by 3 months.

Does the above suit you? If not chat to us about a personalised payment plan that can work for you.


Eduloan is the preferred provider of education finance, with more than 16 years in the business. They’ve financed over R3 billion in loans to over 600 000 tertiary students, helping them to unlock their potential. Eduloan offers affordable study loans to suit every student’s or sponsor’s affordability needs. Fixed installment plans ensure that there are no surprises at the end of the month. There are no hidden fees and the payment periods are flexible according to every student’s specific needs. Please contact us for more information or call Eduloan directly on 0860 55 55 44, or visit their website at

Want to get started and study with us? Call us on 086 107 2262, or leave a message here and one of our Course Advisors will call you.