ICB Home Study Package

Home Study Package

We have relooked our Home Study package to ensure our Home Study students receive additional support.

We have put extra consideration into our standard Home Study Package which means you benefit even more as not only is it an affordable way of studying, you also receive so much more than just a set of books.

SACOB’s affordable ICB Home Study Package includes:

  • Textbooks, Study Guides, Workbooks for all subjects
  • Study Plans to keep you on track
  • Lecturer Access via Question and Answer platform where you receive a response to your query within 24 hours, as well as access to your lecturer via email, telephone and zoom if need be
  • 3 live online tutorials including Macci Training (Tests and Assignments during the course take place online via Macci. We will make sure you are ready and comfortable to complete these)
  • 4 x Activity submissions with feedback
  • Financial Accounting Programme subjects include Practice / Mock Macci Tests
  • 1 x Mock exam (written with feedback)