Choosing the right path of study – the SACOB way

Need help with what to study? Take a read through a range of professional qualifications and short courses below to help you get onto the right path

So you’ve just decided to start studying and you are searching for the ideal institution to attend that will provide you with a study route into your dream career, or maybe you are already employed and you’re looking to attain qualifications to back up your work experience – well, look no further.

Whether it may be that you are interested in obtaining a qualification in Accounting, Governance, Business, Administration, Entrepreneurship, IT or Tourism and Hospitality, or maybe you’re just looking to do a short course, you would be able to take a read through the study options indicated below to get you onto the right path.

First things, first though- have you been able to identify what your ideal profession is? Do you know which career path you are looking to study towards? Whether you know which career you want to go into or whether you are uncertain about which career path to follow, I have put together some information for you to outline the various study routes available to you to enter into.

“So what are my study options?” you may ask, well, if you have considered a career in accounting, you may be able to take a read through some of the internationally recognised professional qualifications in accounting available for you to study. Whether you may be interested in doing bookkeeping, financial accounting, management accounting or chartered accounting, auditing, finance and investment, these professional qualifications are sure to help you attain your ideal career goal in accounting.

  • Chartered Accounting

    You could look at pursuing a career as a chartered accountant through the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). Attaining this professional qualification will allow you to work in any sector, in any size organisation as a professional accountant. Chartered accountants provide information about a company’s financial records and includes the responsibility of providing financial guidance, doing the auditing of a company as well as managing the financial systems and budgets of a company. If the idea of becoming a chartered accountant has sparked your interest, you would be able to click on the following link for more information about what chartered accountants do and what their typical work responsibilities are:

  • Management Accounting

    If you are looking to work within an organisation and provide financial advice, strategic advice, be involved in risk management and play an important role in making key decisions for a company, then you could look at pursuing a career in management accounting through CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) Management accountants play a very important role within a business as their advice and guidance will aid in that company’s development and growth. For more information on the responsibilities of management accounts, please take a read through the following link so see if this is the career that you would like to study towards:

  • Certified Bookkeeper

    If you are looking to pursue a career as an accounts, debtors, creditors or payroll clerk, you would be able to look at obtaining a qualification in bookkeeping through the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) by doing the ICB Junior Bookkeeper Programme. This programme is the first level in the ICB Accounting Programme. The ICB Accounting programme is made up of four levels and you are able to attain qualifications at each level as a Junior Bookkeeper, Senior Bookkeeper, Technical Financial Accountant and Financial Accountant. Take a read through this link to see how you would be able to attain these qualifications:

  • Administration

    Perhaps you would like to consider a career in Administration, if so, you would be able to consider doing the ICB Office Management Programme. This programme is made up of three levels where you can attain a qualification at each level as a Junior Office Administrator, Senior Office Administrator and Office Manager. These qualifications are great because it exposes you to various learning areas in accounting, business, office administration, human resource management, marketing management, labour relations and office communication. Completing these qualifications will have equipped you with the tools you need to take the workplace by storm. See how you will be able to get started with your studies by clicking on the following link:

  • Chartered Secretary

    If you are looking to attain a qualification as a chartered secretary, then completing your studies through the Chartered Institute of Secretaries (CIS) would be the ideal route for you. If you would like to study towards becoming a chartered secretary you would need to have an interest in the economy and business and have great time management and communication skills. Please have a read through the following links for more information on what skills are needed to become a chartered secretary and where you would be able to start with your studies:

  • Hospitality and Tourism

    Have you ever considered a career as a hotel manager, travel agent, head waiter, events assistant and other career fields in the hospitality and tourism industry? If so, these UK based qualifications accredited by the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH) may interest you. Attaining qualifications through CTH will prove that you are competent to work within the hospitality and tourism industry. For more information on completing your studies within this field, please click on the following links: ,

  • Business Studies

    Or if you looking to attain a qualification in business then you will be able to consider completing your studies through the Institute of Business Studies (IBS): If you have attained a degree in accounting and you are looking to do investments, then you will be able to complete your studies through CFA:

The above is just an overview of the various qualifications that are available to you. If you are just looking to do a short course and not necessarily a qualification then you will be able to consider the various credit-bearing and non-credit bearing short courses available. These short courses are offered in various fields that will serve as great introductory courses for individuals who are looking to be upskilled within a certain learning area. Some short courses also serve as great refresher courses for individuals who are looking to refresh their knowledge in a specific field.

Now that we have covered what various study options are available to you, your next question may be “is anyone able to complete these qualifications and short courses?” These qualifications and short courses have specific entry requirements but there are also various entry routes available for you to get started with your studies. You would be able to enquire at your institute of interest for more information on where you would need to start with your studies.

Searching the job market may often be a daunting task, but obtaining the necessary study experience could mean that you are one step closer to landing your ideal career. With the study guidance and support SACOB offers and our range in study options available to you, you would be able kick start your study experience today. Contact us for more assistance via this link: