From SACOB Cost Accounting to ICB Cost and Management

Have you aced your SACOB Cost Accounting course? If you have, you qualify to write ICB’s Cost and Management exam. You don’t even have to enrol for Cost and Management course, you can just register to write the exam.

Amazing, right?!

The reason for this is that the learning outcomes covered in SACOB’s Cost Accounting course is very similar with the learning outcomes covered in ICB’s Cost and Management course. And get this? Once you’ve written and passed your ICB Cost and Management exam-we have that much faith in you- you’ll have one subject under your belt for a full Financial Accounting Qualification :D

ICB Financial Accounting – Foundation Level

By completing this exam you can then go on to the Foundation level of ICB Financial Accounting Foundation Level. Check the link above to read more.

Leave all the admin to us, contact us on and we’ll book the exam for you.

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