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Welcome to the Foundation Level

Do you have a firm understanding of numbers, a passion for accounting or the desire to run your own business? If so, managing finances and drawing up official statements could form an essential part of your future. SACOB can help you lay a strong foundation for your auditing career by offering you online the Foundation Level for the ICB Financial Accounting Programme.

With this qualification, you can act as an account, creditor, debtor and payroll clerk, calculating monthly remunerations and returns, as well as reconciling bank and supplier statements. These duties are integral to the successful administration of a business. By developing the skills needed to function in this area, you’ll become an indispensable member of the workforce.

Online ICB Bookkeeping Courses

To enrol in this SACOB learning programme, you have to be at least 16-years old and have passed Grade 10 (Standard 8), or have an equivalent qualification. You don’t need any previous accounting knowledge or experience, as our foundation level courses teach you all the basics.

The 12-month programme covers:

  • Business Literacy
  • Bookkeeping to Trial Balance
  • Payroll and Monthly SARS Returns
  • Computerised Bookkeeping

While learning to become a bookkeeper through SACOB, you’ll compile a Portfolio of Evidence. In it, you’ll store the assignments and tests completed throughout your course. If you pass all your work with 60% or more, you’ll be awarded with a National Certificate from the ICB.

An Excellent Foundation in Accounting

When you study an ICB bookkeeping course, you take the first steps to becoming a Financial Accountant. This unlocks a number of job and promotion opportunities, such as becoming:

  • A tax practitioner through SAIT
  • A chartered secretary through CSSA
  • An accounting officer through SAIBA

You may also choose to continue with your studies by applying for exemptions with other Professional Bodies, such as ACCA and CIMA.

For more information on this, and other ICB Bookkeeping courses available at SACOB, click the chat box button at the bottom of your screen.

SACOB Learning

We offer this course with your choice of study packages, namely:

  • Home Study – This option includes your textbooks, and study guides, as well as dedicated lecturer support. Whether you prefer to communicate via Email or the telephone, we’ll stay in touch with you and make sure you get the help you need. You’ll also have full access to the Student Question and Answer Platform.
  • Online Classroom – In addition to all the elements of the Home Study package, this gives you access to the SACOB Online Classroom. It also provides study plans, lecturer videos and quizzes, as well as assessment downloads and uploads.
  • Blended Learning - This option builds on the previous study packages however you have the option to attend Saturday classes. Courses are 8 weeks long which means you can be exam ready in under 2 months and includes additional worksheets and activities to ensure that you know you stuff. Finally this option includes your ICB Registration and Exam fees so no need to pay any additional fees.

Starting Dates:

Online Classroom Starting Dates:

12 February 2018
16 April 2018
18 June 2018

20 August 2018
29 October 2018


Blended Learning Starting Dates:


Cape Town

21 July 2018 - Bookkeeping to Trial Balance & Payroll and Monthly SARS Returns

22 September 2018 - Computerised Bookkeeping & Business Literacy

14 July 2018 - Bookkeeping to Trial Balance & Payroll and Monthly SARS Returns

15 September 2018 - Computerised Bookkeeping & Business Literacy

* These dates are for the Online Classroom and the Blended Learning (evening classes) options, students who wish to enroll for the Home Study option have no particular starting date.


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