10 ways to ruin a course

Posted by SACOB on Mon, Jun 03 2013

10 ways to ruin a course

Here are highlights from the seminar.

  • 1. Wrong participants
    No matter how good a course might be, if the students are not interested it is essentially worthless to them.
  • 2. Wrong course choice
    If the students do not recognise the relevance of the course or how it can benefit them, it will reflect in poor attendance, a lack of interest and possibly even below average grades.
  • 3. Clear learning objectives
    A lack of clear learning objectives could result in students enrolling for the wrong course.
  • 4. Student-lecturer interaction
    If students are not able to interact with their lecturer on a regular basis they could very easily fall behind in their work.
  • 5. Follow-up
    Without adequate follow-up the lecturer won’t know whether or not the students have grasped the material.
  • 6. Feedback
    Without adequate feedback the students won’t know if they are on track nor will they know how to rectify the matter if they aren’t.
  • 7. Time allocation
    If enough time isn’t allowed for each module the students could very easily feel overwhelmed.
  • 8. Prerequisite knowledge
    Do the students possess the basic computer skills needed to complete an online course?
  • 9. Premature release
    Problems could arise down the line if a course is released before it has been properly tested to ensure all the kinks have been ironed out.
  • 10. Inappropriate learning materials
    If the learning material provided is not at the correct level students might fall behind due to a lack of understanding.
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