About the College

We are an African business school offering a high touch learning experience to students, business and ultimately to the broader African community.

Our goal is to offer an end-to-end learning experience that delivers quality people into the African economy.

What makes our offering distinct is that we overcome the challenges of distance learning by combining the interactivity and connection of face-to-face education with the flexibility and cost-saving of distance education.

Traditional education, Modern delivery.

  • Our Promise

    Create an end-to-end business college that facilitates a hightouch learning experience

  • Our Personality

    • Approachable - We encourage dialogue, and will partner you in your learning journey.

    • Authoritative - We are a specialist, accredited business college, offering courses that will equip you for employment.

    • Supportive - We offer innovative study methods to support and assist you during your course.

    • Forward-thinking - We offer the latest study methods, and are always on the look out for ways to make your learning experience better.

  • Our Values

    • Integrity

    • Quality

    • Commitment

    • Upliftment / Empowerment

  • Our Purpose

    To deliver employable people into South African businesses

  • Message from the Principal

    Dear Student

    Welcome to SACOB, the South African College of Business.

    We are passionate about education and believe the future of South Africa and Africa is dependent on excellent education leading to gainful employment, whether it be opening up your own successful business or being an asset within an already established company - studying with SACOB will help get you where you want to be.

    We cater for all our students needs, with our vast selection of business courses, our different study packages and affordable payment terms should you need them.

    We strive to provide all our students with outstanding customer service, if you call - we there to answer, if you email - we respond, if you need to chat to a lecturer - he's there to help you. This is a promise we make to all our students and the amazing testimonials and feedback we receive helps us believe that we are doing something great. 

    Thank you for choosing to become a SACOB student, you've made the right choice and we look forward to supporting you throughout your studies.

    All the best.

    Stacey Mackaiser / Principal

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I am a single mum trying to balance my studies, caring for my children and maintaining my job. This is still quite challenging. I am really proud to say that I have made good progress thus far. In 2014, I decided to work towards my ICB Accounting Programme Qualification and made it my goal to achieve my full qualification within 2 years. My confidence was boosted last year when I came across SACOB’s promotion advertising the Revision packs as a useful too... read more

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