Thank you for everything!

Thank you so much I have done three courses so far with ICB , two with Damelin and this Business Literacy with SACOB. I found it quite difficult to deal with the online things as I am not very good at understanding things from a computerised level. The course itself however is very well presented and the revision books and videos make it easy to follow and to learn. I found that as long as I put in a couple of hours everyday that I could easily keep up with the requirements of the course and get the POE done in ample time and still had a good three weeks for studying. As with any distance learning self discipline is always exceptionally important, I was also extremely lucky especially with the maths, that I have people that work for me that were able to help with the instruction. I think the classroom would be an invaluable tool in any other subject other than maths, but that’s a personal opinion, as I had never done any maths before at all. Tanja, your help was so appreciated, you and your team do an amazing job, and I just want to thank you so much for everything!