Reena Preamdeo Testimonial

Hi Erica,

It gives me great pleasure in writing a testimonial on behalf of SACOB. I am currently 43 years old and when I was chosen by my company as part of the BBEE curriculum, last year to go back to studies, I was very afraid as I would be hitting the books after a very long time.

I was enrolled at a college and had to start the ICB course for the Junior Bookkeeping mid way through, this course already started and I had to do some tap dancing to catch up but I did and I passed with 78% in Business Literacy 1 & 2, 71 % for Business Literacy 3, 96 % for Bookkeeping to Trial Balance, 80 % for Computerised Bookkeeping and 85 % for SARS Payroll & Monthly Returns.

I had paid the college in advance for the next level which was the Senior Bookkeeping, as I did not want to delay my processing of payments, etc. But the sad thing happened; I was dropped like a hot potato, because the college could not get numbers to do the next course. I was in a frenzy, as I was given a timeline from my company to finish in x 3 years which would then mean I would qualify as a Financial Accountant.

A mutual friend introduced me to SACOB, I was very reluctant as I was used to going to classes with other students and having face to face contact with the lecturer, and I said that I would not manage going as a correspondent student. But that mutual friend assured me that I would do great cos I had obtained good results thus far and knew that I was a hard working student who strives to give of her best.

When I called SACOB, I was introduced to a world that I would not look back on. Robin was the very first person I had come to contact with over the phone and she was friendly, ever willing to assist me from re-registering to receiving my books to assuring me that all will be okay. I started the Cost & Management as my first correspondence subject and am proud to say I received 97%. I was very happy and shocked, cos this will tell you that you are never too old to study, as well as if you have the right back up behind you, you will definitely succeed.

Thank you SACOB, for all your assistance and understanding, I am glad that I got on board the best ship ever and I know from my heart that you will grow from strength to strength. Cos now I don’t have to worry if there is going to be numbers for a next class or not, I just carry on until I reach my goal. Since starting with SACOB, I have introduced some students that have actually joined in.

And will continue recommending SACOB cos you are on the ball.