My confidence was boosted

I am a single mum trying to balance my studies, caring for my children and maintaining my job. This is still quite challenging. I am really proud to say that I have made good progress thus far. In 2014, I decided to work towards my ICB Accounting Programme Qualification and made it my goal to achieve my full qualification within 2 years. My confidence was boosted last year when I came across SACOB’s promotion advertising the Revision packs as a useful tool to aid students. I immediately registered as a student to access the Online Classroom guide. I must add that the program is very user friendly and easy to follow. The course material and the concepts are explained very well and are easy to grasp. The videos are easy to follow thus enhancing the understanding of the study material. The quiz is helpful especially for revision. The answers to the quiz questions (Eg. Corporate Strategy) are provided with the appropriate reference in the text book. In November 2015 I was seriously ill so had to put all my studies on hold. I have now recovered fully and am back on track with my studies. I have just used the revision pack for Management Accounting and Control and am pleased to share with you that the online classroom videos were so helpful. I wrote my exams yesterday and am confident that through the use of SACOB’s videos & study methodology I expect excellent marks. I now have the last 2 modules left to achieve my goal. I would like to place on record my gratitude to SACOB for making it possible for me to have access to the Revision packs. I would strongly recommend the use of SACOB’s revision packs to other students.