Sage Pastel Partner End User – Advanced


This training course is designed to give you the knowledge and skills necessary to perform advanced Sage Pastel Partner V11 and up functions.

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This course offers a range of subjects to familiarise you with the Sage Pastel software. The main objective of this course is to enable you to become an Advanced Sage Pastel software end user. This course has particular emphasis on the advanced practical application of the theoretical knowledge that is imparted to you.


SAGE Pastel


Certificate in Advanced Sage Pastel Partner End User


Certified Advanced level Sage Pastel Operator


Grade 10 NQF L3 Bookkeeping, Mathematical Literacy, Computer Literacy


6 Weeks


SAGE PASTEL Advanced Software Training


Home Study

The Home Study Package offers:

• Textbooks
• Study guides
• Workbooks - Not for all subjects
• Lecturer Support - via Email, Phone and access to the Student Question & Answer Platform

Online Classroom

The Full Online Classroom Package builds on the Home Study Package and provides you with the digital resources that may be available for your course as well as giving you access to the SACOB Online Classroom. The Online Classroom Package offers:

• Video Kit
• Study maps
• Study plans
• Lecturer/Concept videos
• Quizzes
• Assessment downloads and uploads
• SACOB Student Forum


Online Final Exam, Single attempt basis, 75% pass mark

What's next

You now have the competency to operate Sage Pastel software and can be a key asset to any business running on this system.