SACOB SC Practical Entrepreneurship

Being an entrepreneur is an exciting world to be in. You get to create a business and are able to see it grow as well as flourish before your very eyes. Every entrepreneur in the marketing arena needs to be creative, financially savvy as well as be someone who can lead a team.This course will serve as a guidance to entrepreneurship emphasizing both the theoretical and legal principles as well as the practical competencies that underlie the world of entrepreneurship, specifically in a South African context. It will aim to assist students in testing the viability of new business ideas, compiling a business plan for an entrepreneurial venture, and effectively applying goal-setting, networking and conflict management, in order to ensure entrepreneurial success.

SACOB Short Courses are not accredited and are intended to offer you knowledge and skills in a particular field and is a non-credit bearing short course.

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This course provides individuals with the knowledge and understanding of entrepreneurship in business, and offers them the opportunity to apply entrepreneurship practices which are required to establish a small business enterprise.


This is a SACOB Short Learning Programme or Short Course.


Becoming an entrepreneur
Financing and planning your business
Formalising your business
Getting your logistics on track
Costing and pricing
Recording business financial transactions
Budgeting, cash control and forecasting
Marketing and advertising
Your staff and labour legislation
Working with SARS
The entrepreneurial checklist


Certificate of Completion of a SACOB Entrepreneurship Short Course.


Prospective Entrepreneur, you will have the skills and practical knowledge required to start your own business.


This course is suited for anyone who is wanting to gain knowledge and understanding within the field. There are no specific entrance requirements.


10 weeks


Online Standard:

- Textbooks
- Introduction Video
- Q & A Platform
- Concept Videos
- Forums


Self-assessment quizzes
Timed Quiz 1
Written assignment
Timed Quiz 2

What's next

You are now eligible to further your studies and sharpen your skills with more short courses or take it a level up and go for a professional body certification to build onto these vital skills.

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