SACOB SC Business Communications


Communication is essential for your professional and personal success. Communication is not just the language you use; it is also the way you use your body or the way you use your voice. Different mediums of communication like texts and emails require different approaches. You need effective communication to get a job; get a promotion and to relay your thoughts and opinions effectively through communication.

SACOB Short Courses are not accredited and are intended to offer you knowledge and skills in a particular field and is a non-credit bearing short course.


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This course teaches individuals to use language effectively, acquire knowledge, express ideas, interact and manage their world. It covers a range of new literacy’s needed to participate in the modern economy.



This is a SACOB Short Learning Programme or Short Course.


The key principles of effective business communication
Spoken communication
Written communication
Putting it all together


Certificate of Completion of a SACOB Business Communications Short Course.


This Short Course can qualify you for an advantage in studying in the field of Business management, and can make you eligible to take on more senior responsibilities in your current position.


This course is suited for anyone who is wanting to gain knowledge and understanding within the field. There are no specific entrance requirements.


10 weeks


Online Standard:
- Textbooks
- Introduction Video
- Q & A Platform
- Concept Videos
- Forums


Self-assessment quizzes
Timed Quiz 1
Written assignment
Timed Quiz 2

What's next

You are now eligible to further your studies and sharpen your skills with more short courses or take it a level up and go for a professional body certification to build onto these vital skills.

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