ICB Technical Public Accounting

This is the seventh subject in the ICB Technical Public Accountant. This subject will go through the knowledge and skills that it takes to become a Public accountant technicians.

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This subject forms part of the Intermediate Level in the ICB Public Sector Accounting. This subject and the remainder of the Intermediate Level is aimed at producing technical public accountants who are deemed to be proficient in the execution of the annual bookkeeping and accounting function in the public sector. This subject will provide students with the knowledge, understanding and skills to be successful accounts administrators in the public sector. It will also allow students opportinities to grow, develop and transform poor financial management practices in the public sector. Finally by completing this course SACOB and the ICB will provide the public sector with professionally qualified, skilled and ethical staff, who add value and contribute to the efficiency and productivity of the South African government.


Institute of Certified Bookkeepers as a Quality Assurance Partner of the QCTO.


This subject forms part of a national qualification. On completion of this subject and the remainder of the subjects in this level you will receive a national certificate.


National Certificate: Public Sector Accounting, which consists of the previous 4 learning areas.


This subject can be completed in 3 months.


Basic economic principles
Management information systems
Public sector financial statements
Risk management in the public sector
Performance management in the public sector
Project management in the public sector


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This subject is assessed by the ICB by means of a Portfolio of Evidence where you are required to complete Activities (assignments) and Evaluations (tests) and then complete a final summative assessment (exam) written at an ICB assessment centre. Please be sure to register for your assessment.

What's next

You can continue your studies with SACOB and ICB and complete more subjects that make up this qualification.


2018 ICB Curriculum Statements