ICB Entrepreneurship – Foundation Level

This programme is the first level in the ICB Entrepreneurship Programme. Once you have completed this level you will have an understanding of what it means to be an entrepreneur in South Africa. Identify business opportunities, set up a new business. Understand the documents, processes and recording of financial transactions in the business. Communicate effectively with all stakeholders. Cost and price products and manage working capital. Manage business logistics. Work with SARS and other statutory bodies and finally operate a personal computer.

Please ensure you have read and meet the entry requirements before completing your enrollment. If you are unsure whether you meet the requirements then feel free to get in touch with us, we’ll help guide you.

This study option includes:

ICB Entrepreneurship 1

ICB Bookkeeping to Trial Balance

ICB Business Literacy

ICB Annual Registration Fee

Exam Booking Subject 1

Exam Booking Subject 2

Exam Booking Subject 3

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If you have dreams and ambitions of starting your own company the ICB’s Entrepreneurship stream is an invaluable tool. This programme forms the Foundation Level in the ICB Entrepreneurship Programme and equips registrants with the necessary knowledge to start, manage or develop a small or medium sized business.


Institute of Certified Bookkeepers as a Quality Assurance Partner of the QCTO.


NQF L4 (SAQA ID 48736) National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management


CSBFMIcb (SA) - Certified Small Business Financial Manager


Grade 11, NQF L3 or an equivalent.


6-9 months


ICB Entrepreneurship
ICB Bookkeeping to Trial Balance
ICB Business Literacy


Home Study

The Home Study Package offers:

Study guides
Workbooks - Not for all subjects
Lecturer Support - via Email, Phone and access to the Student Question & Answer Platform

Online Classroom

The Full Online Classroom Package builds on the Home Study Package and provides you with the digital resources that may be available for your course as well as giving you access to the SACOB Online Classroom. The Online Classroom Package offers:

Video Kit
Study plans
Assessment downloads and uploads
SACOB Student Forum


Portfolio of Evidence, including assignments and tests. 60% to pass

Final ICB Exam

What's next

You are now eligible to further your studies with SACOB and ICB and can enroll in the ICB Entrepreneurship ? Intermediate Level .