Payment Options

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At SACOB we try to accommodate our students in every way possible, this includes how our students pay for their studies.

We have variety of ways to pay for your studies; Credit Card and EFT options for fees being paid in full or flexible payment terms.

We understand that everyone has different monthly obligations, some are full time students, some are already in the working world, some have families to support and care for so payment up front is not always possible.

Because of this we offer Learning Programme / Qualification Subsidies as well as Interest Free Payment Plans.

The short of it…

50% deposit for individual courses, balance paid off over 3 months per course purchased

20-50% deposit for a Learning Programmes/Qualification, balance paid off over a debit order worked out as below:

The payment period is worked out on the number of courses you enrol for multiplied by 3 months. You will receive one course at a time. You can elect to pay off the remainder over a shorter period of time and receive more courses at once.

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Anne has purchased ICB Junior Bookkeeper on SACOB’s Online Classroom Support option.

Online Classroom Total Fees: R3,600 per course x 4 courses = R14,400.00 Because Anne has purchased a Full Qualification she receives a Learning Programme subsidy (this is an added benefit for enrolling for the full programme…our way of encouraging you to walk away with a full qualification) Anne qualifies for a R2,400.50 subsidy to her fees. Total subsidised price: R11,999.50 There is a 20% minimum deposit required for Learning Programmes/Qualifications So 20% deposit would be R2,399.90


Anne has decided that she has saved up some money for her studies and elects to put down a slightly bigger deposit. Her reasoning is that the sooner it’s paid off the less monthly financial strain she will have.

Please Note: SACOB students do not get charged interest for your study fees. Another added benefit of studying with SACOB.

Anne pays a 35% deposit of R4,199.85.

Anne now has R7,799.65 left of her fees due to SACOB. She can choose to pay this remainder off over a 3 – 12 month period via debit order. This is worked out on a basis of 3 months per course. Junior Bookkeeper has 4 courses and this means that her maximum payback period is 12 months.

Anne, as mentioned, wants to pay her fees off sooner rather than later, and has elected to pay her remaining fees off over a 6 month period rather than the full 12.

6 month debit order of R1,299.95 per month.

To find out what your monthly repayments would be contact our course advisor