No Matric, No Problem

No matric? You can still succeed

Is the thought of not having matric getting you down?
Have you shelved dreams of studying further because you haven’t finished matric?
Start dusting off those dreams, because even if you haven’t completed your schooling, there are MANY options available to you at SACOB.

Here’s the thing…
It’s great to have done your matric, but if you haven’t, there are ways around it. At SACOB, we not only provide you with those “ways”, we also support you throughout your educational journey.

Before we get into your different options, let’s take a look at what having matric actually means…

Completing your matric year is the equivalent of having NQF level 4.
The National Qualifications Framework (NQF), refers to the nationally recognized system, that assigns credits to different learning achievements.

At SACOB, we have many routes where you can start at an NQF level 3, and progress your way to having a matric equivalent and even further. In short, you do not need to have matric to succeed. What’s particularly great is that you will also be trained in your relevant industry.

One of our students, Tracy Geel, is an example of how you can excel without having completed matric. When Tracy enrolled with SACOB, academically, she had completed her grade 11 year and is 47 years old. She is now on NQF level 4, well on her way to becoming an accountant. Read more about Tracy’s success story here.

Click here to read more about the ICB Financial Accounting option Tracy chose:

These are some of the other options available to you when you enrol with SACOB:

Interested in a career in tourism and hospitality?
You can enrol for the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH)’s Foundation programme.
Click here to read up more about it

Interested in a career in finance and accounting?
You can enrol for the Accounting Technician Qualification at AT (SA).
Click here to read more about it

Interested in a career in finance in government or municipalities?
You can enrol for the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) Public Sector Accounting Programme.
Click here to read more about it.

Do you have dreams of managing a business and its finances?
Then you should definitely enrol for ICB’s Business Management Programme.
Click here to read more about it

Do you have dreams to start, build or manage a small to medium sized business?
Get the right qualification behind your name to do just that.
Click here to read more about ICB’s Entrepreneurship Programme.

Looking to gain indispensable skills for the modern workplace in only 10 weeks?
Be sure to check out our range of SACOB short courses here.

Are you still unsure about what route you want to take? We are here to help you.
Click here to have one of our well- informed course advisors to give you a call back.