ICB Study Options

Fully Online ICB Learning

You can’t attend ICB classes for some reason or another or you just prefer not to attend ICB classes but you still want or need to study with the ICB? The solution to this is Distance Learning! SACOB has taken the original distance learning concept where you study solely on your own and tweaked it by giving our students constant support so you are not doing this by yourself but with SACOB and the ICB!

Your ICB study options don’t stop there, we’ve taken it one step further by combining the interactivity and connection of the face-to-face learning model with the flexibility and cost-saving of the distance-learning model. How? By Online Learning!

SACOB is a specialist business college so whether you want to study via Distance Learning or Online Learning, we’ve got ICB courses and ICB learning programmes for you!

You can make use of the many different search functions on the Home Page – Institutions, Learning Programmes, Short Courses, Fields of Interest, Job Functions and Qualifications or better yet, let one of our students advisors contact you by clicking on the ‘Contact Student Advisor’ button and complete the necessary fields. We know that studying ICB via Distance Learning could be a bit daunting for some but it doesn’t have to be – our student advisors are here to answer all your questions as well as provide advice and guidance to help you choose the best ICB course for you.