Frequently Asked Questions

  • Upload Playlist DVD Errors

    • Make sure all latest windows service packs and windows updates are installed
    • Make sure the latest version of the browser and flash player is installed
    • Clear the browser and flash player cache
    • If you have the latest version of the flash player and the problem still exists, then try to reinstall flash.

  • My UPLOAD / ASSESSMENT DVD isn’t working on my Computer

    • These DVD's were designed for the Microsoft PC/Laptop platforms and as such do not work on Apple MAC platforms. For those with MACs, you can still view the videos via the online classroom.

    • You can only install the DVD onto ONE computer and once this is done it will not install on another computer. (there is a note on the DVD itself and in the book which says "NB single user license, this disc can only be installed on one PC only.")

    • The learner needs to be connected to internet when Installing the DVD. The license will need to connect to the Trustcont website so that the license can be validated. The pdf's will also open up in an internet explorer browser so they need to be online to view pdfs. Once Installed the DVD will not need to be connected to the internet to run.

    • After installation the DVD needs to be inside the computer for it to work. The files are all protected and will not run outside of the disc.

    • If the file doesn't run automatically when the DVD is inserted, there may be a firewall or antivirus software blocking the DVD. This is because the automated "runme.exe" is the default name to run programs automatically and there was once a virus with this name. Our discs are 100% protected and there is no chance they have a virus, but this is why it sometimes doesn't run automatically. You can allow the program to run and maybe turn off their firewall momentarily while using the DVD.

  • Online Classroom Videos aren’t playing

    • Have you updated your browser to the latest version? Check if you are running the latest. We also suggest installing Chrome. version here:
    • Clear the browser and flash player cache
    • Has your work Network blocked certain media from being played? Ask your office network professional or IT Manager to allow you permission to watch videos in the Online Classroom.
    • Have you run out of data, or reached your cap? Please check this with your ISP.

  • Webinar Connection Issues

    • Have you updated your browser to the latest version? Check if you are running the latest version here:
    • Clear the browser and flash player cache
    • Has your work Network blocked certain media from being played? Ask your office network professional or IT Manager to allow you permission to watch videos in the Online Classroom.
    • Are you using a ADSL Internet Connection, and connected via a LAN-cable? We recommend using a 2mb line as a minimum speed to connect to the webinar successfully. Please Note that due to WiFi and 3G not being stable connections we recommend you do not rely on these methods.
    • Have you run out of data, or reached your cap? Please check this with your ISP.

  • Sound Playback Errors

    • Have you updated your browser to the latest version? Check if you are running the latest version here:
    • Clear the browser and flash player cache
    • Has your work Network blocked certain media from being played? Ask your office network professional or IT Manager to allow you permission to watch videos in the Online Classroom.
    • Have you tried these steps for Windows, MAC sound setup.

  • My links in the Online Classroom aren't working, I can’t download my
    answer books or resource files

    • Are you using Internet Explorer? If yes, try using a different Internet browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

  • I can’t access my courses in the Online Classroom, I keep getting an error
    “you can not enrol yourself in this course. Contact your lecturer”

    • This means you have not been allocated to the course, please contact your SACOB Course Advisor in order to be allocated.

  • What is the SACOB Online Classroom and How can I access it?

    • The SACOB Online Classroom is an online platform where you get access to Concept Videos, Quizzes and digital guidance for your courses. You are also able to message your lecturer and fellow students in Forums and Direct Messaging.

    • To log into the Online Classroom go to, and use the Student Portal area to login - located in the Top right of the screen, using your unique username and password.

    • Once logged in you will see a new menu bar located just under the main menu bar. You will need to click on the “Online Classroom” button to navigate to a second login page, to access the Online Classroom.

    • Use your unique username and password to login, and voila you are in the Online Classroom.

  • What is Lecturer-Led Education?

    • Lecturer-Led Education, is where classroom, distance and elearning education meet. This effectively means that although you are studying a distance learning course you still get access to a Lecturer, providing you with the support you would have in the classroom environment, as well as support in online learning resources to help you to fully comprehend the course that you are studying.

  • What is Learner Centered Education?

    • Learner Centered Education is exactly as it sounds. All the support forms around the learner as a base. All course operations material and service support is based around the student to give them the best experience that they can possibly have while studying.

  • What is the SACOB Question and Answer Platform?

    • Imagine a forum, where relevant questions are posted about your study topics and imagine that instead of having to sift through everyones personal opinions about your question for an incomplete or unsound advice/answers, a lecturer answers your question correctly and in a 24 hour response time. Well stop imagining, because this is exactly what this is. All previously asked and lecturer-answered questions are available to you, and if you don’t happen to see your particular question then you can ask away and get a credible response from one of our lecturers.

  • How to post a question in the Q&A Platform correctly?

    • Once logged into the login section of, you can access the Q&A Platform via the menu item of the same name.

    • Once you have done that, you can see a drop-down-list with 2 options: My questions: A list of all the questions you have personally submitted All questions: A list of all questions that have been submitted on topics in your course. When on these pages, you can see a box on the right hand side which allows you to submit a question. Use this to correctly list your question under the correct topic. The more specific you can be the easier it will be for the lecturer to understand your query and help you find a solution.

    • For example if you are studying business law and accounting control and you don't understand contracts or the whole of insurance law, this does not narrow down the issue for the lecturer.
    It is better clarify this point, for example:

    Example 1
    I am doing module 8 on liquidation and sequestration and having trouble with page xx/concept of impeachable transactions and how it can not be applied to z, would voidable preferences be applicable to everyone on an equal footing but a claim paid out to the first claimant and then split between remaining creditors on a first come first serve basis? does this means that the rand value paid out to a minister is calculated as 10c on the rand for the complete outstanding amount or the total value for all creditors?

    Example 2
    Bookkeeping to Trial Balance: page xx, I dont understand how to balance ledger account in wxy, the solution says xx but i get xy, is this because I am including asset b in my calculation or how do I calculate this correctly?

  • Will the final ICB Computerised exam be on a computer, or only part of it with the rest being paper based?

    Neither, your final exam is entirely paper based. It will be broken up into two parts: Multiple choice questions and Theory questions. These questions will be a mixture of Office Computing and Pastel Accounting. We suggest taking a look at your sample assessment questions as this will be very similar to what you can expect in your final exam.

  • I received my ICB Computerised books but I see there are no study or solutions guide?

    This is correct, for this course you can find your solutions all on the CD in the back of the textbook. As this is a computerised course it is purposely done this way to get you to make use of a computer as often as possible.

  • I received my ICB books but I see that I am missing my workbook?

    You will receive a workbook for your Bookkeeping to Trial Balance and Payroll and Monthly SARS Returns courses. Unfortunately the remainder of the ICB courses do not come with a workbook.

  • I have enrolled for a CIMA, ACCA or CFA course, why does it take so long to receive my books?

    For the above mentioned courses SACOB makes use of study material which comes from the UK. Due to it coming from the UK there is normally a waiting time of 2 - 3 weeks for your books to arrive at the SACOB office. From there it normally takes 3 - 5 days for it to reach your door.

  • If I change tuition provider what happens to my student number and will this cause issues with student/exam registration?

    Simple answer is no, your student number will stay the same throughout your studies. It will be your institute's point of reference for payments, statements and institute queries etc. The only thing that will change from the institute's point of view will be the provider's name on your profile.

  • How can I pay my study fees, if I can't pay it all in one go?

    We have 3 easy ways to pay for your studies:

    • EFT

    • Credit Card

    • Monthly via Debit Order

    Take a look at your options…

    EFT Example: Receive 2.5% off when paying for your fees upfront via EFT

    Credit Card Example: Quick and easy, pay your fees upfront on our site

    Debit Order Example:

    When buying one course at a time you will need to pay a 50% deposit and the balance over three months, however should you enrol for a qualification you will only need to pay a 20% deposit and the balance over 3 – 24 months.

    The Payment period is worked out on the number of courses you enrol for multiplied by 3 months.

    *Interest Free – SACOB Students pay no interest

    Something to note: You will receive your next set of course material every 3 months. If you wanting to complete your qualification sooner then chat to us about a payment plan that would suit you.

    Additional subsidies apply when enrolling for qualifications, this makes walking away with a full qualification more affordable.

    Chat to us about your own personalised payment plan that can suit you, we're here to help.

This is the SACOB Frequently Asked Questions Page (F.A.Q.). Several regular issues have been identified and brought together with their suggested steps for fixing them.

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