IBS Introduction to Mathematics




This is the second course in the IBS Professional Programme in Business Administration. The workplace requires the use of fundamental numerical and spatial skills in order to meet the demands of the job efficiently. To benefit from specialised training for the workplace, a flexible understanding of mathematical principles is often necessary. This numeracy must enable the person to, for example, deal with work-related formulae, read statistical charts, deal with schedules and understand instructions involving numerical components. This course in numeracy will enable the person to be a contributing worker.


The Institute of Business studies (IBS) under the scope of the Global Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA)

Entrance requirement

Grade 10 with English and Mathematics/Mathematical Literacy/Accounting; or equivalent qualification


This course can be completed in 6 weeks.


• Working with numbers 

• Working with fractions and decimal numbers  

• Percentages, ratios, proportions and equations  

• Using mathematics to make financial decisions  

• Graphs and functions  

• Using data and probabilities  

• Mathematical process skills to identify, pose and solve problems creatively and critically 

• Working collaboratively in teams and groups to enhance mathematical understanding 

• Collection, analysis, organisation of quantitative data to evaluate and critique conclusions 

• Appropriate communication using descriptions in words, graphs, symbols, tables and diagrams 

• Use of a variety of individual and co-operative strategies in learning mathematics 

• Responsible engagement with quantitative arguments relating to local, national and global issues 

• Sensitivity to the aesthetic value of mathematics 

• Exploration of the importance of mathematical literacy for career opportunities. 

• Mathematical literacy’s contribution to entrepreneurial success 


You will be required to complete a summative assessment (final exam) at the end of your course. 


This course is a part of a national qualification. At the end of this course you will be awarded a certificate of completion.


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