IBS Fundamentals of Accounting




This is the third course in the IBS Professional Programme in Management and Administration. Fundamentals of Accounting is a practical course for entrepreneurs, middle management, prospective supervisors and leaders in finance. A solid foundation in the financial principles that underlie the world of business is paramount for all such individuals seeking to make a difference to their own and others’ financial circumstances. Working effectively with money is a skill that has eluded many people in the past. Following the basic principles taught in this manual could have made all the difference for such individuals that have found it difficult to come to terms with basic debits and credits, double entries, reconciliations, the interpretation of financial results, and other decision making processes. There are many lurking pitfalls individuals need to be aware of when managing theirs and others’ money. In this course we demonstrate how to strike the optimum balance between healthy profits and cash flows, balance the books and interpret the financial results. The content of this course will also assist in preparing learners for the workplace, essentially guiding them towards becoming employable in the field of finance, accounting and management.


The Institute of Business studies (IBS) under the scope of the Global Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA)

Entrance requirement

Grade 11 with English and Mathematics/Mathematical Literacy/Accounting; or equivalent qualification.


This course can be completed in 6 weeks.


• Debtors and creditors  

• The bank reconciliation process  

• Recording business financial transactions  

• Financial statements and year-end adjustments  

• Close corporations  

• Companies  

• Analysis and interpretation  

• Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting  

• Accounting for a manufacturing enterprise  

• Validating inventory  

• Professional ethics and internal control  


You will be required to complete a summative assessment (final exam) at the end of your course. 


This course is a part of a national qualification. At the end of this course you will be awarded a certificate of completion. 


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