CIMA - Strategic Level Integrated Case Study



This is the last Integrated Case Study Exam of the CIMA Professional Qualification. This is where you apply all the knowledge and skills that you have acquired from the three modules that make up the Strategic Level. You will be required to take the knowledge and apply it to real-life work situations.


The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants is registered with the South African Qualification Authority. SAQA number 20400.

Entrance requirement

You will be required to have completed all three Strategic Objective Tests.


The Case Study is written as a 3 hour exam.


The exam draws content gained from Strategic management, Risk management and Financial strategy. SACOB will provide you with practice work book to help prepare you for your case study exam.

The Case Study is:

• Three hours long
• Marked by an examiner
• Completed at a Computer Based Test Centre
• Made up of Long and Short Answer essay questions
• Based on Operational modules
• Available 4 times a year (FEB, MAY, AUG and NOV)


Is a computer based exam which is three hours long with a pass mark of 60%. It is made up of both long and short answer essay questions and can be sat four times a year.


Once you have successfully passed your Strategic Integrated Case Study you can now prepare and submit a 'CIMA career profile' for assessment of your personal work-based practical experience and skills in order to complete your CIMA professional qualification and become a CIMA member.


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