CIS Professional Qualification: Management and Administration

This qualification gives the student the knowledge and competencies relevant to the workplace environment. It also provides a step to a higher phase of learning in governance, administration and finance, and widens the learner's opportunities for advancement.

Once completed the student will be equipped with the necessary skills to handle a variety of administrative functions within the scope of financial, contractual, information technology, economic and communication skills. This qualification recognises prior learning and gives the student who has worked for many years in administration in a state department, a large business, or an SSME the opportunity to gain formal skills recognition.

This National Certificate in Management and Administration is thus designed to enable individuals to develop their theoretical competencies and the practical skills to operate effectively in the field of their choosing. This qualification is also ideal for the development of a number of learnerships leading to the attainment of the qualification and so to improved career opportunities for employed and unemployed students. For the unemployed student, this qualification will add value to the qualifying learner's employability. The employed student will be able to apply his or her newly acquired knowledge to the job, which enhances confidence and abilities.

There is a burgeoning need for qualified personnel in Management and Administration in South Africa and this qualification addresses this shortfall, thus benefiting the economy. This can be either through qualified learners entering the market as entrepreneurs able to run their own businesses, or as employees in NGOs, the corporate world, state departments or parastatal organisations. As such, they become wage and salary earners, thus contributing to the economy.

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