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This is the fourth programme that falls under the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). The main outcome of this programme is to prepare students for work in an accounting technician and support role, whether it be in public practice, industry, commerce or the public sector, either in South Africa or internationally. 

This programme consists of two sections: The examination syllabus and the practical experience requirements. The examinable syllabus and practical experience requirements equips the student with the technical, managerial, interpersonal and ethical requirements of being an accounting technician. 

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  • Accreditation

    This programme is governed by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

  • Qualification

    NQF TBA: Pree-2009 was L5 (SAQA ID 20397) - National Certificate: Certified Accounting Technician

  • Designation

    Certified Accounting Technician (CAT)

  • Entrance requirement

    Grade 10 and a good understanding of English and Mathematics

    To achieve this qualification you will need to register as a student on Foundations in Accountancy.

  • Duration

    This programme can be completed in 12 – 24 months.

  • Compulsory Courses

    The compulsory courses comprise the courses in the three Foundations in Accountancy programmes. If you have completed all the courses in these three FIA programmes then you only need to complete the elective courses to get your CAT qualification:

    1.     ACCA FIA FA1 - Recording Financial Transactions
    2.     ACCA FIA MA1 - Management Information
    3.     ACCA FIA FA2 - Maintaining Financial Records
    4.     ACCA FIA MA2 - Managing Costs and Finance
    5.     ACCA FIA FFA - Financial Accounting
    6.     ACCA FIA FMA - Management Accounting
    7.     ACCA FIA FAB - Accounting in Business

  • Elective Courses (Select 2)

    Once completing the compulsory courses or the three Foundations in Accountancy Programmes you will be required to choose two of the three elective courses below in order to receive the CAT Qualification.

    8.     ACCA FIA FAU - Foundation Certificate in Auditing
    9.     ACCA FIA FTX - Foundation Certificate in Taxation
    10.   ACCA FIA FFM - Foundation Certificate in Financial Management

    If you have not gone the Foundations in Accountancy route you will be required to complete the full CAT Programme consisting of the following courses:

  • Assessment

    Most courses can be sat on demand, so when you feel ready to sit the exam you can do so at a Computer Based Exam (CBE) centre near you or if you’d prefer to do a paper-based exam you can do so in June and December.

    *As ACCA is a professional accountancy body, it is important for them to ensure all students are aware of how to work and act in a professional and ethical manner. Because of this all students will need to complete Foundations in Professionalism. This can be done online and completed either before or after your exams.

  • Award

    You will be awarded the Introductory Certificate in Financial and Management Accounting when you have completed exams FA1 and MA1; the Intermediate Certificate in Financial and Management Accounting when you have completed exams FA2 and MA2; and the Diploma in Accounting and Business when you have completed exams FAB, FMA and FFA. These awards will be given only once you have completed Foundations in Professionalism.

    As this programme is a national qualification, at the end of this course you will be awarded a National Certificate by FASSET.

    One year’s relevant work experience needs to be completed either before, during or after you sit your last exam. Once this is completed, ACCA will allow you to make use of the designation of Certified Accounting Technician. 

  • Study Package Options

    Home Study

    The Home Study Package offers:

    • Textbooks
    • Practice and Revision Kits
    • Lecturer Support - via Email, Phone and access to the Student Question & Answer Platform

    You can now enrol for all your ACCA courses and make use of all the Online benefits.

    You will receive user friendly study material such as:

    • Study Text
    • Exam Practice Kit 

     As well as:

    • MyKaplan Access
    • Lecturer Resources – Study Notes, Power Point Slides, Videos, Question Banks, Progress Tests and those much needed Mock Exams
    • 24 hour lecturer and tutor support


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