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Welcome to the Intermediate Level

The Intermediate Level is the second instalment in our ICB Public Sector Accounting Programme. By enrolling, you give yourself the opportunity to progress further in the Public Sector Accounting stream.

Our online programmes give learners flexibility to complete their studies in their own time. This ensures that all prospective students have an equal chance of education, regardless of their personal responsibilities.

Programme Information

This valuable level is open to anyone who has already obtained their National Certificate in Public Sector Accounting and have successfully completed the Foundation Level.

In addition to building on your previous level, this level will cover the following courses:

  • Financial Statements
  • Cost and Management Accounting
  • Technical Public Accounting
  • Business Law and Accounting Control

Learners are required to complete a portfolio of evidence that shows the work completed over the duration of the course. In order to become a Technical Public Accountant, they must participate in a mandatory exam at the end of the programme.

Upon completion of all the courses, students will receive a Diploma in Public Sector Accounting which is fully accredited and registered on the NQF and SAQA framework.

Study Options

We offer our learners the choice of how they wish to conduct their studies. As this programme is based online, we can be flexible and accommodating, by offering either:

  1. The Home Study option, which provides students with the essentials needed to complete their course. This includes textbooks, study guides and access to your lecturer and gives you access to ask your lecturer questions.
  2. The Online Classroom, which, in addition to the essentials, provides full access to lecture videos, quizzes, feedback on assessments, interaction and discussions within the forum, live chats with other students as well as full access to your lecturer. Also included are concept videos and access to the Question and Answer platform, which contains a bank of previously asked and answered questions. 

We strive to help you mould your future as a Technical Public Accountant and develop industry skills that make you indispensable in your position.

For more information, get in touch with us by clicking the chat box at the bottom of your screen.

Starting Dates

12 Feb 2018
16 April 2018
18 June 2018

20 August 2018
29 October 2018

* These dates are for the Online Classroom option, students who wish to enroll for the Home Study option have no particular starting date.


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