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In order to stay at the top of their game, your staff need to be skilled in all the latest techniques, up to date with the most recent legislation and the laws that affect your sector, and engaged with their work. They need to be motivated to push their self-development forwards and constantly striving to increase their knowledge, develop new skills and smash their targets. In other words, you need to create a culture of empowerment within your company – a culture in which striving for more is simply the ‘way things are done around here’.

And training is part of this: it’s a way to get all your employees on the same page, upskill entire workforces and increase business success, all in one fell swoop. Training your staff will unlock their potential and create a valuable, motivated workforce with improved skills and the confidence to really make a difference. Training will improve your employees’ morale – when they realise organisations are willing to spend money and effort on improving their skills, they’ll be motivated to work harder and really feel that they are valued.

Nowadays it’s not a question of should you train your staff, but can you afford not to train your staff? Of course, any training is useful, although not all training is created equal. SACOB recommend top-notch online learning and training with an emphasis on fun and enjoyment, and a culture of empowerment where knowledge share, communication and support are paramount.

Want to find out more? Check out our online learning offerings below which works to save you money, upskill your workforce and grow your business.

Training Offerings

    • Enrol staff for a professional body qualifications – from NQF level 3 to 8 in Finance, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Management, Administration, Governance, Hospitality and IT
    • Do it as a FASSET in service learnerships for permanent and contract staff and obtain maximum SETA funding and SARS tax rebates as well as significantly improving your BBBEE level
    • Do a short course covering critical business knowledge and hard skills in either administration, bookkeeping, accounting, finance, taxation, HR, management or entrepreneurship.

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This has been a long (time) dream that is about to become true. I have started my career as a receptionist but soon realised that I love the accounting side more, everything I knew was self taught. With the great service and help from SACOB and the student advisors it is becoming a reality. Which will enable me to become the person that I dream to be.... read more

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