We will cover ONE Exam Fee

Enrol for during the Month of May for an ICB or AAT course and we will cover your Exam entry!


Exam fees are separate from your course fee but if you enrol for an ICB or AAT qualification SACOB will pay for ONE of your exams. :) A gift to you from us!


Be sure to enrol during the 2nd – 31th May 2017.


We want to invest in you! We bet you won’t find this anywhere else.


Enrol online by clicking here or below to create your account, once your account is set up go find the programme you want to enrol for and follow the prompts from there. Alternatively feel free to chat to us and we’ll help you with the process.

Don’t forget to let us know when you are wanting to sit your 1 x free exam session so we can be sure to book it in time for you. This offer is valid for 2017 exam sessions only.