Thank you SACOB – 10/10

SERVICE ….. 10/10 FRIENDLINESS…..10/10 PROVIDE THE BEST MATERIAL…..10/10 STUDY AT MY OWN PACE AND BUDGET…..10/10 S – Study A – and C – Conquer O – our B – Better future Delane

A Long Time Dream

This has been a long (time) dream that is about to become true. I have started my career as a receptionist but soon realised that I love the accounting side more, everything I knew was self taught. With the great service and help from SACOB and the student advisors it is becoming a reality. Which …

I Made the Right Choice of School

The past month I have been communicating with SACOB I received the best service, compare to other institutions I have been in touch with.
I received response towards queries quickly and I didnt wait long for my Study material. I think I made the right choice of school.

I Am Just Loving My Courses

I am just loving my courses. I am currently working full time and studying part time, i think online classes is a great idea, because its always better to have someone explains it to me (via videos)! I (completed) one online class before, and it really helps a lot.

Thank you for the great course, i will keep on recommending it.

It’s a pleasure dealing with you

Enrolling with SACOB has been the best decision ever, dealing with everyday life and being full time employed and still trying to study is not easy at all, but SACOB studies allow you to study at your own pace, they are very helpful and very friendly. Thank you to SACOB for the great service. It’s a pleasure dealing with you.

I enjoy your way of learning

I have to say that I have received the best service from SACOB. Whenever I wanted to know more about the subjects or the institution you guys were so friendly in helping me. You were patient for a long time when I first contacted you about my studies. You assisted me then and still assist me with ICB when I do not understand them. I really had better service from you than I have had from other institutions and I want to thank you for that. Thank you for all your assistance and that you are willing to walk the extra mile for me. I enjoy the way of your learning!

SACOB has been nothing else but excellent

The service I have received from SACOB has been nothing else but excellent. My books arrived promptly after ordering and you are always in contact and available for me if I have any queries or advise on which subject to do next. The student portal is also great. I always recommend SACOB to anybody asking for advice on what College to go through.

How to Excel with Distance Learning

As SACOB is an online learning institution, students are capable of studying from anywhere in South Africa. That being said, it does require a large amount of diligence and dedication to learn from home without the guidance of a physical classroom.

Are Private Learning Institutions more expensive than Public Learning Institutions?

“Are Private Learning Institutions more expensive than Public Learning Institutions?” It’s always a mission to find a suitable institution for your studies, isn’t it? Well after you have read the below article, you should be able to tell which option is best for you. Students are usually looking for quality and a reputable brand that …

Face to Face Learning vs Online Distance Learning

Face to Face and Distance learning both have their own pros and cons, the differentiation between the two of them comes in when asking what is actually distance and face to face learning? There are so many aspects to both of these but simply put, Face to Face learning is where you attend on campus classes on a daily basis and have your lectures at specific times and days and distance learning is where you complete your studies at your own pace and time.