Does Education Pay?

Does Education Pay? Check out these graphs from the Trends in Higher Education Series – in the first graph it shows how your income grows the more education you have. The second graph, Earnings Premium relative to Price of Education, is very interesting because it shows how you might not be earning whilst you are studying but your income will climb and will climb rapidly. Moral of the story? Education does cost, but it certainly does pay! Keep on studying!

What’s the best way to pay for your studies?

What’s the best way to pay for your studies?
SACOB offers payment terms that allow you to work and pay for your studies at the same time. Online education gives you the benefits of face-to-face education but the flexibility to work while you study. If you are looking to study any of our learning programmes, our flexible payment terms could help you!

SACOB is number 1

From having experience with other colleges in distance learning, you will find that with SACOB you are placed number 1.