10 Pointers for an Interview

Ok, so you have studied hard and you have earned this awesome qualification. What now? Well, now you need to get a job! Your qualification is very valuable but it is also important for you to let your potential employer see your value. Check out our Video, Ten Pointers on Interviews, to ace your job interview!

Education is a lifelong journey

No one must lose hope because they have not passed. Learning does not begin and end with a matric, but is rather a life-long experience with various options within the post-school system.” – Blade Nzimande, Minister of Higher Education and Training

SACOB believes education is a lifelong journey and that it is never too late – do you agree?

Welcome all SACOB Learners

Welcome to all our new SACOB Learners to your First Trimester in our Online Classroom. This week we will orientate you on how the classroom works in the Introductory Module. Your Lecturer will begin to make posts in the Forums and introduce you to all the tools that are going to make your life as a SACOB Student easier! If you havent signed up yet but want to further your studies and make your dreams a reality, its not too late! Enrol now!

Traditional education, Modern delivery

SACOB offers Traditional Education with Modern Delivery. We believe in the importance of a Lecturer as well as the importance of the social experience in learning. Yet, we also believe that technology offers the opportunity to efficiently deliver education to a greater number of South African students.

1st and Only College Offering ICB Courses Online

There are many ways to study with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB). SACOB is the first and only college to offer ICB online through our Online Classroom. When you enroll now we will send you all your printed and digital material to get you started and ready for your course to begin.

Does Education Pay?

Does Education Pay? Check out these graphs from the Trends in Higher Education Series – in the first graph it shows how your income grows the more education you have. The second graph, Earnings Premium relative to Price of Education, is very interesting because it shows how you might not be earning whilst you are studying but your income will climb and will climb rapidly. Moral of the story? Education does cost, but it certainly does pay! Keep on studying!

What’s the best way to pay for your studies?

What’s the best way to pay for your studies?
SACOB offers payment terms that allow you to work and pay for your studies at the same time. Online education gives you the benefits of face-to-face education but the flexibility to work while you study. If you are looking to study any of our learning programmes, our flexible payment terms could help you!